About Us

Though much has been said and written about the need to preserve our natural environment and add spiritual quality to our modern lifestyles the former in great seriousness and the latter with some wishfulness - all too often these words remain firmly separated from the reality of what is deemed practical.

When serendipity brought Oakwood Hamlet, into the life of a man, it inspired him to idealism. Trees were planted, the lands were organically cultivated, traditional wattle and daub mud cottages were built and Oakwood Hamlet was brought gently back to a magical life.

What made the process an idealistic one was that it was embarked upon and driven by non-financially based motives. Rather than doing something because it made financial sense, it was done for the love and beauty and serenity of it.

The focus at Oakwood Hamlet has been on restoration - through practice - of traditional agricultural lifestyle, bio-diverse organic farming and reforestation.

There is no long term goal as such of the founder of Oakwood Hamlet but, if there is one, it is simply to practice an unhurried and relaxed lifestyle that is in harmony with nature and their neighbours.

Opening Oakwood Hamlet to visitors allows it to be shared by those who would otherwise not be able to experience it.