Oakwood Hamlet features a mix of four village style (wattle and daub) mud cottages, Four single bedroom bamboo huts, four luxury tents , and striking open Thatch dinning overlooking the valley.All laid out in a whimsical and intriguing mix of the traditional and the new. The food is generous and delicious local fare and the staff is graciously hospitable and unobtrusive.

Our Cuisine
It is our desire to use only regional and fresh foods from local markets. All dishes are carefully balanced and prepared with love and dedication. Our cuisine offers a fine selection of light and tasty dishes.
There is no menu at the Oakwood Hamlet. Every evening a different dinner and ever morning a delicious breakfast is prepared. Let us surprise you with all the different treats our kitchen has to offer! The choice of meals is always in accordance with the requirements of our guests.

With this concept our guests are "liberated" from the usual decision making that accompanies our normal lives.

# Room Type Meal Plan Price/Night
1 Log Hut CP 6000
2 Mud Cottage CP 6500
3 Mud Cottage Dix CP 7500
4 Family Suite (3 Bed Room) CP 19500
5 Log Hut MAP 7000
6 Mud Cottage MAP 7500
7 Mud Cottage Dix MAP 8500
8 Family Suite (3 Bed Room) MAP 22500