Oakwood Eco Policy

Oakwood Hamlet is run as a self-sustained village, where the vast majority of staff is from immediately surrounding local villages and who live in and largely run Oakwood Hamlet themselves.

Nearly all the food consumed in Oakwood Hamlet is grown on fields adjoining Oakwood.

Oakwood Hamlet regularly invests in services and amenities for the local community rebuilding and maintaining the water supply lines that is central to local agriculture, donations to the local dispensary , organizing quarterly medical checkup camp all which are done in the lowest profile way possible.

Mostly local products and services are made available to guests.

Before their arrival, guests are given an introduction as to what to expect through information provided via our websites and guest information pack. Once in Oakwood Hamlet, we encourage guests to learn more about the village life and customs through interaction with the local villagers.

We encourage our guests to visit social projects such as the Free Medical Cams or village schools etc. and to support such projects

Only natural materials are used in the construction of guest accommodation (wattle and daub technique) mud huts / Bamboo Cottages with slate / Thatch roofing.

Much use has been made of clay, stone, wood, which reflect traditional village practices and aesthetics.

We protect the native vegetation within the property (by replanting of local species of trees, vegetables, rare medicinal plants, etc).

We protect the local wildlife by ensuring that their natural habitat is in the least possible way altered and that poachers and hunters are kept away.